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The corgi

History and breed standards

Corgi, the shepherd dog loved by Queen Elizabeth

Historical references date the first appearance of the Corgi to 1107 AD: most likely it was very different from the current dog, but it is said of a short-legged dog used to guide livestock in Pembrokeshire, Wales.
It is not possible to establish exactly whether it is a native breed, or whether it came to England with the advent of the Vikings. However, starting from 1934 the distinction between Corgi Cardigan and Corgi Pembroke was established as two different dog breeds. The Welsh Corgi Pembroke has a slightly shorter body than the Cardigan and straighter legs.
The Welsh Corgi Pembroke certainly owes its popularity to King George VI, who gave a copy to his daughter Elizabeth, who later became Queen of England. It was she who created the royal family kennel, distinguished by the Windsor affix.

Corgi's characteristics

  • - Size: small
  • - Hair: short
  • - Life expectancy: about 12 years
  • - Colors: fawn and white, sand and white, red and white, tricolor
  • - Height: 25 to 30 cm at the withers
  • - Weight: 11 to 14 kg
  • - House size: small
  • - Garden size: small
  • - Environment: apartment or house with garden
The corgi has a soft, weather-resistant and easy-care coat. Brushing him with a soft comb will be enough to pamper him and keep his hair clean at all times. Corgis shed a fair amount of hair, which also makes them ideal for apartment living and with children
Feeding should be agreed with your veterinarian. Dog food should be a good compromise, especially for training or athletic activities. The appropriate diet will always be evaluated by the veterinarian in relation to the age and habits of the dog itself.

The specialties

Even though they are small dogs, corgi are distinguished by their "big" dog character. The attention with which the breed standards have been handed down has made it possible to maintain strong physical, intellectual and social skills, in addition to the aesthetic aspect.








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