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About me

Some curiosities to know us better

My story: Iolanda

I am a horse riding instructor, a lover of all animals! I live surrounded by nature among horses, peacocks, parrots, doves, geese, chickens ... and a large group of dogs.
For years I have always had Jack Russel Terrier by my side, until little Alfie arrived: I like to call him "piece of my heart" because with him it was love at first sight.

Alfie: the first Corgi Pembroke

Alfie's arrival in the house changed my life: his sweetness, his way of walking and his incredible intelligence have stolen my heart. Thanks to him I was able to know and appreciate the beauty of this dog breed, the Welsh Corgi Pembroke .
A few months after his arrival, I became passionate about this splendid dog breed, and I continued to study and inform myself. I wanted to know everything about the Corgi: their history, their habits, their origins. Three beautiful sissies arrive to keep him company: Amanda, Aria and Ania.

ENCI, exhibitions and competitions

The great complicity established with my little partner led me to the decision to debut in official ENCI competitions.
Alfie and I manage to win the title of Young Italian ENCI, winning the same category. The help of our dog trainer Alessandro Troncone was fundamental.

my mission


My dogs live indoors, enjoy all their outdoor and indoor spaces, and are an integral part of my family.


My dogs are used to contact with people, to interact with other animals in full respect of their habits.


I guarantee my dogs constant veterinary care and certified genetic testing.

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