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Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Aspri amateur breeding in Carovigno

Are you looking for a puppy? Choose a Corgi

The Welsh corgi Pembroke will be the ideal friend to host in your home! A small dog , active, intelligent and easy to train. Pembrokes are the ideal companions for children, always sociable with other animals and above all tenderly affectionate. Come and visit my Aspri corgi kennel in Carovigno to discover the characteristics of this splendid breed, you will fall in love too.


The corgi is the ideal pet, to keep at home, in a city apartment or in small gardens.



If you own children or other pets, a Pembroke puppy will quickly become the best playmate.



Obedience and ease of training make the corgi the best breed as "first dog".

My friends' photos

I introduce you my corgis: the best images of the puppies that have already found a home, the memories of the expo and all the events attended by my companions, already titled specimens at national level.

Do you want to learn more about the corgi breed?


About me

Animals have always been the most important part of my life: they are friends, companions, colleagues … and why not, confidants without saying a word!

The passion for horses led me to fulfill the dream of becoming a federal instructor. At my side, in my house, there have always been my little Jack Russell dogs. Parrots keep me company in the house by fluttering from side to side.

In short, my animals live with me in Carovigno in the Aspri kennel: we share spaces, environments and above all habits.

But the most important thing is that a glance, a gesture, a small verse is enough to remind us how much we love each other.

Iolanda Semeraro

Send me a message!

For more information on breeding, get in touch or write me an email using the form, I will be happy to introduce you to my little corgi friends. To visit the Aspri breeding come and visit me, I am in Carovigno in the province of Brindisi, near the protected reserve of Torre Guaceto (Puglia).

Breeder - Iolanda Semeraro

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